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It has been more than 18 months since the Australian government closed the borders, and in that time they have failed to protect Australians abroad as they have failed to protect those at home through a lack of fit-for-purpose quarantine facilities and a slow and inequitable vaccine rollout. We do not just stand for Australian citizens stranded abroad, but all permanent residents, eligible visa holders, couples and families that have been separated as a result of these heartless policies.


With the current rates of COVID-19 in the community in Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere we ask that the Australian government immediately allow home quarantine for those who have somewhere safe to do so. We support hotel quarantine for those arriving from high risk countries or those that do not have a place to safely self-isolate. If self-isolation is secure enough for COVID positive members of the Australian public, then it is secure enough to facilitate the return of the thousands of Australians stuck overseas. By allowing home quarantine, the burden on the hotel quarantine system will be greatly alleviated, which will help #ReconnectAustralia and bring loved ones back together. The use of home quarantine will also reduce the exorbitant costs associated with returning to Australia, creating a fairer system and reducing the class divide seen under the current system.

Australia needs a plan - read more here.


We ask that anyone affected by the border closures #getcounted to help us let the government know how many of us are truly cut-off. To do so, fill in the form below:



Free and Open Australia is always advocating for the borders to open and offers a social network where you can discuss the topic and seek support from others.


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Reconnect Australia - 27 November Tile Update

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Examining the effect of international travel restrictions on individuals around the world 

UNSW invites you to participate in research that explores the impact COVID-19 travel restrictions have had on individuals and families. The results of the study will be used to inform governments’ responses to the pandemic, and to better support people affected by travel restrictions.

This anonymous survey is open to anyone who has been (at any point during the COVID pandemic):

  • Separated from your spouse or partner
  • Separated from your family members
  • Unable to enter a country, where you were planning to live as a temporary resident
  • Unable to return to a county, where you are a temporary resident

Participating in this research is open to people from any country. Being involved will require you providing responses to a short (7-10 minute) anonymous survey.
To be involved you must:

  • be at least 18 year of age;
  • be able to read and understand English;
  • agree to the information you provide (which is anonymous) being used to inform research.

This study has ethics approval from the University of New South Wales (Australia)(HC210418). 

For more information, please read the Participant Information Sheet - (Participantinformationsheet stranded survey )

We appreciate your help with this study!

Please visit the study at this link:



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Reconnect Australia would like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who has secured a flight home to NSW and, come November 1st, avoid hotel quarantine. Reuniting with our loved ones is well overdue.

Sadly, many Australians remain stranded overseas and have a multitude of questions about border restrictions for entry into the other states and territories. Some of these restrictions mean that many will still not be able to see their loved ones in time for Christmas, either due to being locked out of their home state, or because current border closures prevent them from being able to transit on from NSW.

Given the media frenzy that we know will likely happen as those first few flights land in Sydney on November 1st, Reconnect Australia would like the participation of people on these flights to help spread the message of the many thousands of people still locked out with no clarity in sight. We need to safely Reconnect Australia as a whole, not just NSW.

Anyone willing to get involved needs to simply do two things:

1. Select a poster from the archive below and print it out on A4 paper

2. Have it on hand ready to display when media are present at arrivals in Sydney on November 1st

Thank you. Hopefully with your help we can all share the joy of being with our loved ones again soon.


Each placard is shown below and there is also a PDF attachment with all of them in it

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Something is not right.

Qantas is the only airline that is able to sell tickets for flights to Australia before Christmas.

So it stands to reason that..

A) They have information on the border caps and related complexities around vaccination and quarantine that other airlines don't.


B) They are selling flights that they know they can't deliver.

Both A and B are wrong and need to be called out.

Call them out please!

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For too long people separated and stranded by the Australian border restrictions have sat back and listened to vague promises from state and federal governments about protecting Australians at home and abroad as this pandemic has unfolded around us.

Over a year ago the Prime Minister promised to get “all Australians home by Christmas”. But as we sit here jobless, homeless, watching funerals, births, and other irreplaceable life moments through screens, having our flights cancelled, rebooked and cancelled again, we ask “which Christmas?”

During this ordeal, the Morrison government has failed to communicate with, and understand the needs of, people stranded and separated by the international border closures. Both state and federal governments have failed to deliver clear messages about how they intend to sustainably , including the communication of robust, transparent and actionable procedures, timelines and milestones.

Despite 80% of Australian adults expected to be double vaccinated by mid November - and the subsequent promises to abolish international arrival caps and departures - airlines continue to cancel flights and reduce their carrying capacity due to a lack of clarity from the government.

No details have been released about what home quarantine will look like, or how incoming separated and stranded travellers will have their vaccines administered overseas acknowledged.

Our demands are simple:

  1. Open a channel of communication with airlines and stranded travellers about reopening milestones to allow clarity, certainty, and forward planning.

  2. Provide details about home quarantine logistics, including a sustainable long term plan in the face of changing case numbers.

  3. Ensure a fair system that will enable equal opportunity for everyone affected by the border closures to reconnect once again, eliminating the elitist bidding wars currently in place.

  4. Outline real, effective guidelines that will in time for Christmas 2021.
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We all need to make more noise if we are to get home by Xmas

Write to the media - write to influencial people you know.

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There are only 78 days until Christmas


Airlines need to know NOW, when the caps will open and what the process will be re: quarantine


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It has been 19 months - enough is enough

Reconnect Australia